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Yield the Sword of the Word

If we are the elite troops of God who can represent the Kingdom of Heaven and step forward, then we will definitely possess the weapons we need as the elite troops of God. This weapon is not some power or authority that can bring violence, but the words that God has given in order to raise human beings to the position of glory that He is in. Therefore, you must obtain this weapon of words and digest the words as your own. Next, with an unchanging heart you must cultivate a triumphant character that even Satan can recognize. If you cannot attain these things, then you will not be able to become the elite troops of God who are responsible for the universal fight.

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Jesus is the Embodiment of Love, Life and Truth

So, to the question of Jesus, "Who do you think I am," Peter answered, "You are the Christ, the living son of God" (Matt. 16:16). This answer of Peter's refers to the true and existing quality of the nature of Jesus. In other words, it symbolizes that Jesus is one who was anointed with the oil, that he is the living God, and that he is the one existing being who perfected the mind and body. Similarly, looking at the fact that Peter testified to Jesus as the living son of God, we can observe that Peter understood the internal heart of Jesus, and that he was able to stand on the level that can be linked to the one law. If we are to characterize God, humankind and all things symbolically, then we can describe God as love, man as life, and all thing

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The Word is a Fire

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