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The Three Stages of Life

While we live in the world of air, our spirit self is attached to the physical self and feeds off the physical body, similar to the fetus in the womb feeding off nutrients supplied by its mother. When the physical body grows old, the spirit self discards the physical body and goes out on its own. This is its second birth, now as a person who can relate to the eternal God, the Father who is spirit. Physical birth and this second birth occur in accordance with the same fundamental principles.

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There Are Three Stages of Human Life

Human beings pass through three ages in the course of their life: the water age, the land age and the air age. Don't animals and all things live in the water, on land, and in the air? For human beings to stand as the lords of creation and be qualified to have dominion over all things, we must exist as a complete life form, more com­plete than any other creature. 
To be the lords of all creatures at home in the water, we are given an age when we live in water. Next, (hiring the land age, we exist as the highest being among all the land animals. It follows that we must also have an air age. But human beings do not have wings. Without wings, how can we fly? We should be able to fly higher and father than any bird or insect. Then what should we do? This cannot happen as long as we are in a physical body. No matter how high we jump, we cannot get far off the ground.

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