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The Purpose of the Second Coming is to Restore Sinful Humanity

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Jesus is Looking for Us

Today we have a simple understanding of Jesus Christ as the only begotten son of God in the 4,000-year history of the dispensation and the central figure who won the victory over Satan. He bore the cross for the sake of saving humanity which had lapsed into sin and evil ways. What did God do to raise up Jesus as the center? He entrusted in Jesus all that He had been doing in His dispensation for the world and humanity. As a result, when Jesus Christ was lifted up as the new center of the providence, he stood in the position to be responsible for the salvation of the whole of humanity. When he was put in such a position, his mind and body must have been overwhelmed with unspeakable sorrow.

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Rev. Moon's Heart to Save America

Why would I push you so hard if there were no satanic power rising in the world? But there is a final showdown coming and we are not yet prepared. One thing is clear-the present American way of life and thinking will never cope with the difficulties of the future. I know that no one else can stop the avalanche of communist power flooding this country. We are God's hand-picked forces who are preparing for that day. If you want to complain, do so only after you know what communism is all about.

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Remain Steadfast in Your Work for God

I have room to embrace everything in peace. There is no need for desperation. If a storm comes, that is fine. If all the world's people come against me, it won't bother me a bit. I am tough, yet I have room for everything. Since I know God and His love and I know what kind of world is coming, even death cannot make me anxious. Don't you want to be like that? A great teacher always wants to make his disciples greater than himself. I want you to be greater than me. I love you as my sons and daughters, and a parent always wants his children to be greater than himself. I love you and want to make you greater than me..

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Living for God Makes you Powerful

Which boundary would you like to embrace? Can you really say to God, "I live for You"? The determination and qualification to live that way of life are not easy to acquire. You must shed more tears than the entire world has shed and you must bear the burden that the world's people have not borne. That is the criterion of good and evil and the boundary of heaven and hell. Success and failure as well as happiness and unhappiness are also divided by this boundary.

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A New World Comes Based on the Foundation of God's Lineage and Rev. Moon's Family

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Rev. Moon as God's Champion for Peace

The fourth area has to do with knowledge and understanding of the spirit world. The spirit world, the world after physical death, is a world that really exists, and to... Read more about 'Rev. Moon as God's Champion for Peace'...

Rev. Moon's Work for Peace

I have come to be recognized by various leaders of religion, academia, politics and others, both here in America and throughout the world, as the champion in eight areas of spiritual knowledge and discipline.

The first has to do with knowledge of God. Until now, God has been known only as an all-knowing and all-powerful being. People think God is sitting on the throne of honor and glory as the absolute master, having nothing to do with the created world of all things. There is another side to this, however.

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Our conscience as a true parent, true teacher and true owner

Ladies and gentlemen, God’s creation is truly mysterious and profound. God created us as
His children and to be the lords of creation. To this end, He gave each of us the highest and
greatest gift—a conscience. This special gift of a conscience is given to us as a compass to
guide us through life in this earthly world. We can say that our lifespan may be one
hundred years. Regardless of who we are, from the moment of our birth to the moment we
die we cannot escape the influence of our conscience.

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Live You Life Centered on Your Conscience

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