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Men and Women Need Each Other

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Men and Women Are Born for Each Other

For what purpose is a man born? He is born for the sake of a woman. This fact cannot be denied. Likewise, a woman is not born for her own sake, but for the sake of a man. A woman who does riot come to a clear under­standing within herself that she is born for the sake of a man will encounter problems in her life.

God, the Great Administrator of heaven and earth, estab­lished this principle within His Principle of Creation. We cannot enter the world of goodness, truth, happiness and peace, or the world of love and ideal, unless we follow this principle.(Blessed Families and the Ideal Kingdom, vol. I, 338, 1975.1.16)

Every woman is born to one day join with a man, and every man is born to join with a woman. This is the high­est truth. By following this principle we can find the realm of blessing. Deviating from this highest truth con­stitutes the highest evil. (21-201,1968.11.20)

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