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Learn the Peace Messages

Afterwards, 120 Christian representatives in America as well as 1,200 religious leaders and
12,000 Ambassadors for Peace from across the world traveled consecutively throughout 190
nations, representing their own nation by spreading the Peace Messages of the True Parents and
sharing the Marriage Blessing. This tour helped spread true family values as the universal values
of humankind as we establish a new God-centered civilization.
As mentioned above, I have become well known as a champion in each of these eight areas. The
support of all humanity is urgently needed for everything to be fulfilled. With God's grace, we
will soon win the victory!

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Rev. Moon's Is a Champion for Peace

Distinguished guests, I have surmounted and triumphed over a course of great suffering and
tribulation. I have not lived for personal glory or comfort. Even as I walked that thorny path,
often coming very close to death, I received Heaven's seal and was made fully aware of the
destination of God's will. I held dearly to Heaven's command to bring salvation to humanity as I
returned like a phoenix and continued my turbulent life.
I have come to be recognized by various leaders of religion, academia, politics and others, both
here in America and throughout the world, as the champion in eight areas of spiritual knowledge
and discipline.

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The Holy Marriage Blessing is the Way to Build a World of Peace

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