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Be Ready to Take Jesus' Cross

That is the reason Christians today pray to Jesus. They do not long for Jesus' tribulations; they yearn for Jesus' glory. That, however, is wrong. You must understand that Jesus had to go through the course of tribulation that none knew of before he welcomed the grace of resurrection and glory. Therefore, only when you, too, become triumphant in the course of suffering of which none knows and step forward to the seat of glory, can you shake off the yoke of historic sinfulness and become the ones who are worthy to reciprocate with the resurrected Jesus. Furthermore, each of you can become the hero who can start the miraculous work of collective resurrection on this earth.

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Be a Bride to the Bridegroom, the Second Coming of Jesus

What did Jesus, who crossed the pass of crucifixion to come seeking us, leave behind? He left the mission of the bride and bridegroom. Accordingly now the Lord will appear as the bridegroom in your prayers. You are the bride and the Lord is the bridegroom, and this is the appearance with which he will come before you. When you meet the Lord who comes as the bridegroom, you have to always think about the recompense of the blood shed on the cross.

What is left and what the Lord must give us is that he must find for us the path through which we can dismantle the cross and wish for the blessing to be given to humanity. He must show us the path through which we can go over the cross. We must cross the pass of the cross so that Jesus can hold onto us freely and we must bring liberation from grief by shaking off the cross. Unless we set the unchanging standard based on which we can dismantle the cross, the altar, heaven and earth, and the works of the Second Coming, will not be complete.

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