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Find the Root of Goodness

We should be aware that Jesus was the man who came as the father of all things in the universe. In other words, he was the father of myriads of people and he became the root of all life in this world. Therefore, Jesus became the root of goodness to the human beings who could not find the root of true life on this earth. What is more, Jesus came to introduce the standard that can be the root of goodness to realize God's will in the human world. He is the root where the providential history that God has idealized is being unfolded in an obscure way

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Understand Jesus' Suffering Heart

Today we must testify to the sorrowful heart of Jesus. We should not just lament about having lost the shepherd, but we should also cry for the sake of finding the shepherd.

Likewise, we can only satisfy Jesus when we become people who can take responsibility for the path of suffering Jesus left behind. You must understand that today Jesus is searching for us with a sorrowful voice. In order to find us, he is repeating the pain of his life. Jesus, who represented the 4,000-year dispensation for the sake of saving humanity could not live comfortably. He is coming looking for us today based on the foundation of his life of pain and suffering.

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