Category: Malachi

Attend Christ in Your Heart

Learn about the long jouney of God's seed in this Sunday's service from the Unification Sanctuary: Read more about 'Attend Christ in Your Heart'...

Study and Honor God's Words and Traditions

If there are any inappropriate principles and subjective opinions in our minds toward You, please eradicate them. If there are any blemishes in our bodies caused by Satan's encroachment, please burn them with the fire of Your sacred spirit, and forgive us With the grace of compassion. Please sanctify us to transform ourselves into the original characters You created and to become sons and daughters who can receive the Father's love of joy. Father, I pray this with a most sincere heart.

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Repent for the Kingdom of Heaven is at Hand

Allow us not to play the hypocrite and not to put on an outside appearance. Please guide them to be truthful. Please allow us to dissect ourselves and divulge all of our subjectivity, concepts, and assertions in the presence of the Father and get it liquidated. Allow this hour to be one in which we offer on the Father's altar the fragrance of eternal life and only the elements that the Father can possess.

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