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Hope for the Day of Resurrection

How many people do you think there were who knew the historical fact that the entire responsibility and the universal mission of the 4,000 years during which God led the dispensation of restoration rested on Jesus? Was there even one person who realized the heart of Jesus, who had wishes centering not on himself, but wished to realize the historical and universal wishes of God? Was there even one person who knew Jesus' heart of hoping only for the day that all in Heaven and under Heaven could sing the song of resurrection before God? Jesus never forgot that wish for even one minute during the thirty years of his life and led a most distressful life. Although the Israelite people did not believe in Jesus because of their ignorance, Jesus sacrificed all of his life and walked his course to provide them with the historical and universal hope, the glory of resurrection. No one understood this fact.

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Carry Your Providential Responsibility as Jesus Did

We must develop the base for the relationship that is like the relationship forged between God and Jesus. We must be able to serve the unchanging center as the unchanging purpose. In order to do that, we must possess immutable patience. At present, the course of ordeals remains before us. This course has become inescapable. We must inherit the character of Jesus who came to the earth and personally offered thirty years of his life in order to break through this course. With no regard for death, he testified to the truth and establish the truth.

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We Must Trust Jesus

Humankind must go forward, sweeping aside the influence of the world, appealing for mercy from Heaven. Yet they distrusted Jesus, having held fast to the earthly ground and centering on the hope of the land. Therefore, the dispensation of the will that God had unfolded on the earth for 4,000 years suffered a setback. God sent Jesus Christ to fulfill the will that humankind on the earth, at that time, hoped to be realized. Because they did not elevate Jesus Christ, God ended in a situation where He has had to look back again to the earth, passing through the long history of the 2,000 years since Jesus' death. In like manner, Jesus and the Holy Spirit came to stand in a position where they, too, have to look to the earth again.

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Center Your Body on Your MInd and Your MInd on God

The reason is that when the mind becomes one with God and the body becomes one with the mind, then the body will move naturally. It is a universal principle that progress will occur through the complete giving and receiving action between the mind and body centering on God. It is the law of the creation that wherever there are unity and good giving and receiving action on a reciprocal base, the creation of one demonstrative, substantial body will take place. Only then is it complete.

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Let Us Fulfill the Hope of Jesus

We believe that the ones who must play the central roles in heaven and earth today are the devout believers who stand before the word of the Second Advent in the last days. Although You, Father, want to entrust in us Your eternal hope, we are concerned whether or not we can be entrusted with that hope. Although You want to entrust in us the love of God, we worry if we can be entrusted with the love.

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