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Tithe to Honor God

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Learn and Inherit from Jesus Christ

After Jesus passed away the responsibility to guard the castle of crucifixion that Jesus had constructed on earth and to make the first step in the fierce fight lay with the apostles. You must understand that now the responsibility to protect the castle of crucifixion lies on the shoulders of the apostles of the last days. The time has come when the final determination of victory and defeat must be made in the last fierce battle. The crucial question is whether you have become the elite troop that can stay on the course, and whether you can perform the second miracle of resurrection to be reborn, as Jesus was resurrected.

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Build God's House Out of Stone and Cedar

This fight must be concluded at any cost. Yet even after 2,000 years since the coming of Jesus, this fight has not yet been concluded. Now the grounds for this fight must be broadened and the grounds for victory must be built. Who are the ones who must take on this responsibility? It is none other than insignificant and unworthy us.


When we reflect on this, we can learn that the hope of God does not lie with Himself. What is more, the hope of Jesus also does not lie in himself. Likewise, the hope of the Holy Spirit does not lie within her. The hope that the prophets and sages sought also cannot be found in themselves. Their hope lies with none other than us, the insignificant ones who dwell on this earth today

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Make Your Home the Dwelling Place of God

Please liquidate our vulgar minds and all sinful natures. Guide us to cling only onto the original heart that cherishes nothing but the Father.

Father, You have gathered us now so please give Your commanding words. Please allow us to find out what the center of the dispensation is that the Father wishes for and what is the center of the universal principles that the Father seeks.

Descend upon us in this hour. We have prostrated ourselves humbly and meekly to respond to the words that the Father gives us. We are ignorant and wounded, but because we hope that we can be an offering to You, please receive us. Father, we pray from the depth of our hearts.

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Judgement Falls on an Unrepentant People

Father, let this be the hour when the life of the original nature that man possessed before the fall is thrust into us. Please allow us to become the altar of life where Your love overflows. Allow us now to feel this wall of death with our minds and bodies. Father, I pray from the depth of my heart that we can receive the grace of resurrection in this way and by building the glorious altar, go before all the dispersed altars with a new candle lit in our hands.

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Rev. Moon's Heart to Save America

Why would I push you so hard if there were no satanic power rising in the world? But there is a final showdown coming and we are not yet prepared. One thing is clear-the present American way of life and thinking will never cope with the difficulties of the future. I know that no one else can stop the avalanche of communist power flooding this country. We are God's hand-picked forces who are preparing for that day. If you want to complain, do so only after you know what communism is all about.

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Great Leaders Go Through a Difficult Path

The great people who truly made an impact on our world were the ones who went through that path. I have gone that path, and now it is your turn. Aren't you fortunate to have this kind of training while I am here suffering with you? You can see a living example, and while you struggle you know that I have gone through hardships and worries hundreds of times greater. Did I just stumble blindly through all that? In spite of all the hardships I am making a global impact in my own lifetime and you can see it with your own eyes.

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Remain Steadfast in Your Work for God

I have room to embrace everything in peace. There is no need for desperation. If a storm comes, that is fine. If all the world's people come against me, it won't bother me a bit. I am tough, yet I have room for everything. Since I know God and His love and I know what kind of world is coming, even death cannot make me anxious. Don't you want to be like that? A great teacher always wants to make his disciples greater than himself. I want you to be greater than me. I love you as my sons and daughters, and a parent always wants his children to be greater than himself. I love you and want to make you greater than me..

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Be Faithful to God in Simplicity

I always feel that my life is a movie, a symphony for the sake of humanity. It is as though we are making a gigantic movie, with God as the director and myself as the leading man and Mother the leading lady. I am looking at you with the eye of a casting director, trying to find the best part for you. You are participating in this great drama. 

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God's Three Headaches

America, the nation God is relying on to stand up for the sake of the world, is doing nothing; it is becoming immoral and losing its pioneering spirit. Young people are becoming the victims of drugs and free sex. The problem of communism is forgotten. The world's worst headaches are God's headaches as well because He is responsible for the world. Who will take care of them? Knowing these are God's worst headaches, I asked God to let me take care of them.. It's not easy to clean them up, particularly the problem of communism. Communists know I am the archenemy of their ideology and am determined to do something about it.

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