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The Three Stages of Life

While we live in the world of air, our spirit self is attached to the physical self and feeds off the physical body, similar to the fetus in the womb feeding off nutrients supplied by its mother. When the physical body grows old, the spirit self discards the physical body and goes out on its own. This is its second birth, now as a person who can relate to the eternal God, the Father who is spirit. Physical birth and this second birth occur in accordance with the same fundamental principles.

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Live Well so that You can Die Well

Which do you think God rejoices over more:  The day of your birth in a physical body, or the hour of your second birth into the infinite world as a son or daughter of God whose every action is for the sake of love?  You might wonder why I talk about such things.  The truth is, you cannot establish a relationship with God unless you liverate yourself from the fear of death.

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Our Wrong Birth

Due to the human Fall, all people have been born from Satan's love. Satan's love has been passed down through [lie generations to their parents and then to them. Satan's blood is flowing in the life of every mother and in the life of every father, and that blood now flows in each of us. Each of us is a fruit of these three Satan's love, life and lineage.

For this reason, each of you belongs to the lineage of Satan. To put it another way, Satan's blood is running through your veins. Therefore, Satan propagates his "ideal" fruit in the natural course of things. Meanwhile, God strives to redeem those same men and women arid transform them into the pure and wholesome men and women of His original vision.

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The Path of a Victorious Life

No person living on earth can escape the constraints of' time. It is true today, and it has been true throughout history. Individuals, families, tribes, peoples, nations and the world all move within the limitation of time.

People everywhere have goals they strive to attain. They focus on their goal for ten years, twenty years, thirty years, seventy years, indeed, their entire lives. The greater our goal, the stronger our inner commitment needs to be if we are to accomplish it. We need to have an inner deter­mination that surpasses the difficulty of the goal, and maintain it without faltering through the allotted span of time. Otherwise, the goal will elude us. (31-149, 1970.5.24)

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The Importance of the Moment

Consider this current hour; how can we spend it in such a way that it becomes entirely one with God's will? That is far more valuable than just sitting there hoping for the Kingdom of God to appear. Therefore, we should use this hour to create the conditions that will enable us as individuals, as well as our families, tribes and nations, to inherit and accomplish God's will. This is the way we can make a place for ourselves in God's coming Kingdom. Thus the question is this: How do you spend this one hour if you are given an hour-to make God's will your first priority within the context of your daily life?

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Why We Are Born

You came to be born because you participated in a moment when your father and mother expressed the utmost love for each other. You were participants in that love. Since you were born out of your parents' love, you can consider yourself to be the flag of your parents' love, which they planted at your birth.

Your flag flutters to express love. We are all meant to live for the sake of love throughout our lives. You should wave the flag of love for your mother, wave the flag of love when you see your father, and wave the flag of love for your siblings. (103-258, 1979.2.25)

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The Natural Way of Love

Likewise, once people become used to the earthy, deep, relaxing taste of love, they will always keep their taste for it. However, just as we easily tire of instant foods that are usually heavily sweetened, if we could obtain love easily and anywhere, like instant Food, we could not call it true love. (Blessed Families and the Ideal Kingdom, vol. I, 354, 1986.1.3)

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Enraptured by True Love

God is completely responsive to human beings. If true love had been perfected in the human world, God would be living in our midst, totally enveloped by true love. He would have no second thoughts about it. God's nature is such that He is completely happy with anything that happens within the realm of true love. Likewise, if human beings were living in this world of true love, their entire lives would be happy and free from regret. In such a world there would he no history of warfare, no grief and no misfortune.  (Blessed Families and the Ideal Kingdom, vol. I, 383,1986.8.20)

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Love Comes From Your Partner

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Men and Women Need Each Other

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