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Honor God and Christ and Take Responsibility

We who are here today are very unworthy. Our faith is also pathetic. From now on, when men have to fight with Satan, we should pray "Dear Father, please give strength to humanity so that they can fight and win over Satan. Please guide all of humanity so that they can bear the responsibility." Moreover, you should face the enemy of the whole. Fighting alone and prevailing over him, you should be able to say "God, I offer this joy to you." God's suffering and grief will be resolved through people who can show before God that they are taking on all the responsibility of the world and who can proudly show the center that is taking on the responsibility before the many saints and the world of creation. It is through such people that God's will can be realized. You have to understand this clearly. Let us pray.

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New Blog Post

What should we do today to attend this Jesus whom we believe in? We should not push all of the responsibility onto Jesus. What kind of people should we become? Jesus took responsibility for the history of 4,000 years, for the people of that time, and for humanity 2,000 years after that, so we should also take on responsibility. We should not place our responsibility on the shoulders of Jesus. What is more, we should be thinking, Father! I finally understand the tribulations Jesus faced as he bore the responsibility for 2,000 years, and feel grief for Jesus who is bearing responsibility for our sake and for the sake of the world

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Have a Filial Heart Toward God Like Jesus

Satan can be destroyed with the power that comes from the parent-child relationship based on God's love. The reason is that the degree to which many people within the satanic sphere follow Satan cannot even approach the standard of Jesus' love and servitude toward God. Wherever Jesus appeared with the love of God, it became a shield that is like an iron fortification. So, wherever followers gather centering on Jesus, they can subjugate Satan.

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Keep a Warrior Spirit and Seek God Earnestly

Jesus' singular determination in his heart was such that even if everything in his life was to perish, he was going to live for the sake of God. He had no other desire than to fulfill to the fullest his mission as the Savior of all humankind, even if that meant that his physical body would be neglected. He had no other desire than that which cried out, "Father! With the destruction of my own being, I will become the son of filial devotion, the embodiment of love whom You have sought for 4,000 years and Your beloved son who can return love to You."

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God is Preparing Us for a Difficult Period Ahead

Today in reverence for the death of Jesus, we believe that the power of redemption lies in the cross, but this is not the whole picture. Christians today miss the point. The power of redemption lies in the words Jesus spoke while he was alive. What we have to understand is that while spiritual redemption is, of course, possible through one's faith in the cross, if people had believed in and lived according to the words Jesus spoke while he was alive, physical and spiritual salvation would have taken place. What must Jesus first take pride in after coming to this earth? Adam and Eve could not substantiate the words of God because of the fall. They failed to believe in His words. Since man fell and the dispensational history was prolonged for 4,000 years because they did not believe in God's words, Jesus as the one center established faith in front of Satan. In other words, Jesus emerged as the king of faith on this earth.

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Jesus Cries Out for His Followers to Understand

The time has come when the will is about to be fulfilled which Jesus was crying out in tears for while clutching the Temple of Jerusalem. The divine words, in which even a single stone lying on a stone would not be left untouched, is becoming a reality between the churches and denominations of today. Please hold onto these altars, whose reality makes it impossible for their hearts to become one. Lead them to repentance and link them with the life of Heaven. Until they become an altar that can take on the suffering of Jesus' cross and sing praise and glory on behalf of the 6,000-year history, Father, please be with them.

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God Blesses David and His Descendents

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Appreciate the Toil of the Saints and Sages

Father, please wake up this audience which is fast asleep. Please consider with mercy those people who are groping in the darkness without direction. For their sake, please quickly raise up those children whom You are going to raise, and call those children whom You are going to call. Please erect a center who walks toward Heaven and grant that they may quickly become the beloved altar that can represent the whole....

Do not let those who have been seeking You come with the mentality to just receive blessings and a conceptual attitude of faith here in this hour Do not let them have only the desire to be inspired in their heart. The history of the appeal, "Save me!" has already exceeded 6,000 years, and the time has come when the sound of the tearful prayer, "Please receive me," is to be heard on the earth and to reach up to Heaven. Let this hour be the time when we can pray "Father, please receive me. I give you all that I have, so please receive me."

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Receive Directives Straight from God

Psalm 18

28You, Lord, keep my lamp burning;

my God turns my darkness into light.

29With your help I can advance against a troope ;

with my God I can scale a wall.

30As for God, his way is perfect:

The Lord’s word is flawless;

he shields all who take refuge in him.

31For who is God besides the Lord?

And who is the Rock except our God?

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Tithe to Honor God

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